Dental clinic

Doctor Christian Robin, a dentist from Geneva, and fellow hygienist, Carole Chappuis, went to the Sri Lanka in January 2011 to run a 3 day dental clinic for 400 girls between ages 6 and 13 at the Sri Sumangala Girls' College.

The goal of the clinic was to raise awareness amongst the students and teachers about the importance of regular dental hygiene to prevent cavities and infections. Christian gave a short introductory presentation on oral hygiene and Carole showed the girls how to brush their teeth. Each girl received a toothbrush and toothpaste. Finally Christian and Carole examined 100 girls to evaluate their dental health, followed up by a recommendation if they should see their local dentist.

This clinic was a great success and highly appreciated by the girls and the teachers. The girls returned to their homes and explained to their families the importance of dental hygiene.

Teacher, Carole, Ann and Christian

Carole and Christian at work

Learning to brush teeth correctly