What we are doing

We have provided textbooks, school supplies, computers and other aids so that the students can focus on learning. Any other donation we receive, big or small, are used for buying books, computers and providing new learning tools.

We have funded prizes for the best students in each class. This has usually amounted to a cash prize of about CHF 20- for each girl and a prize of a few books and a medal. This has been very successful and has motivated the girls, teachers and parents.

We have provided financial assistance to bright Sri Sumangala Girls' College students to prepare them for University entrance exams. Each stipend covers the full cost of tuition and textbooks. The students are chosen based on their desire to gain a higher education and help their community, their past academic performance, current financial need and English speaking ability.

The ability to attend university and achieve a higher education is beyond the reach of most students in southern Sri Lanka, even if they graduate from high school. Some girls attempt to enter university by using family savings or borrowing from relatives. Many of these students do not have enough money for food and housing and they eventually are forced to leave as the expenses become too great.

We hope that many of these students will become doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, teachers and national leaders. They can pave the way and then reach back and help someone in the same situation.

Advanced students

Young students and teachers in a classroom

Gabor presenting a donation

How you can help

By providing:

University scholarships: CHF 2500/year/student

How can we show that the project is promising ?

We already know that the Prize Giving and the Lecture projects are very successful. We now wish to continue these on a larger scale. The scholarship project will take time to establish and to measure its success. We will only know once we see the number of students applying and succeeding at University.

What is the project's outlook - if successful in the first period, what will the next steps be ?

This is a long term project. The project's outlook is excellent. We have been following this school for the last 5 years and there is a huge difference in the girls' level of general interest and willingness to follow higher education. If successful in the first period, we will seek funding to continue our different projects.

Please send donations to :

Association Girls Education in Sri Lanka
Chemin du Champ Carré 11, CH 1256 Troinex, Geneva
  Account: UBS AG (Switzerland)
  Account Number: CH61 0024 0240 1525 7740E
  Account Holder: Madame Ann Kato / Monsieur Gabor Kato