School needs

1. Classroom material

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) generously funded and rebuilt the school two years after the tsunami. Our goal has been to provide basic materials for every day functioning such as chairs, classroom desks, laboratory equipment for the physics and chemistry labs, computers, library materials, fax, phone and photocopy machines. We believe that these additional resources have significantly improved not only the running of the school but also the morale of the students and the teachers.

2. Higher education

Many of the students are bright and are enthusiastic to become doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers. However, the ability to attend university and achieve a higher education is beyond the reach of most students. Some attempt to enter university by using family savings or borrowing from relatives. Many of these students do not have enough money for food and housing and they eventually are forced to leave as the expenses become too great. They need your help to attain higher education.

3. Destitute girls

During the past 3 years, we have been able to help 10 girls that are below the poverty line. Their guardians or members of the family have no employment or means of support due to ill health. These are all tragic cases. With your help they can improve their living standards, buy books and school uniforms and regain some dignity.

Ann teaching in a classroom

In the school library

How students see their future

One of the students dreams of becoming a doctor. She is now preparing for her "A-level" exams to try to obtain a rare place in a Sri Lanka University. Her chances are about 1 in 350. Despite her being one of the best students in her class, she may not have adequate grades to allow her to enter university. She requires extra tutoring and classes to help her pass the national exams. Another girl also has great ambitions. She would like to become an accountant. Her chances are quite good to enter a private university in Colombo. Yet another girls wants to become an engineer. But she also faces the highly competitive "A-level" exams in a year. Even with top marks, she may not be able to enter a Sri Lankan University because she is competing with the students of the better schools of Colombo. Another girl hopes to become a nurse. Her chances are quite good of entering nursing school in Colombo. All four girls are 17 years old.

How the teachers see the students' future

Although many of the students of Weligama are bright, their probability to enter a university in Sri Lanka is not good. The major difficulty is that they are competing with students from larger cities such as Colombo, Kandy and Matara who have better teachers and laboratory equipment than those of Weligama. In order to be competitive, these students from smaller villages have to have additional tutorials to pass "A" level exams. Even with the best grades, they may not be qualified to enter a Sri Lankan university. Unfortunately, this may lead to an exodus of some of the bright students to enter universities in developing countries where school fees are not too high.

Budget summary
We are seeking donations for the following four areas:

1. Classroom materials : 5 laptops, approximately CHF 5,000-
2. Prize Giving : 100 prizes at CHF 20- each or CHF 2,000- per year
3. Destitute girls : 1 girl: CHF 100-/ year
4. Scholarships : 1 scholarship/ year at CHF 3,000- or 1 scholarship/ 4 years
  at CHF 12,000-